Kogok Corporation is a Merit Shop Construction Company. We hire employees based on their skills, knowledge, social skills and how we feel the individual will fit into Kogok Corporation’s needs and plans.

Kogok Corporation is an At-Will employer. The Individual has the right to contract their services directly with the Company, with the understanding that their wages and benefits are theirs to negotiate and terminate at any time they or the Company deem is fair.

Kogok Corporation has always and will always try to balance doing right by our employees in terms of compensation, while trying to maintain a strong Balance Sheet to weather the Difficult Times. Some will tell you that the Ownership is greedy and not supposed to make a profit. This is a fundamental issue that Socialists use when they need to rally labor to their cause.  If a business does not make a Profit, how does it grow and what incentive is there to Risk?

Kogok Corporation’s recent success in these trouble times can be attributed to four distinct items:

  1. Our employees work extremely hard for their families, themselves and The Company. We demand a safe workplace and hard workers around us to get the projects done.
  2. Ownership in the business made a point of keeping the Profits in the business and not financially crippling the company, when the funds were needed in the company they were available.
  3. Risk. A business owner borrows against their personal assets and future assets in the hopes of fulfilling their dream, vision or passion. They promise the Banks and Bonding Company that they will pay all the bills and sign a personal guarantee. There are covenants that say you will make a Profit! When times are tight, Ownership must have fresh Assets to pledge. It’s a difficult balance that if poorly managed, will produce Bankruptcy!
  4. Finally, we guarantee our customers and vendors that we will finish every project, pay our Debts and provide a Safety Program to protect them all. That builds Good Will, which all of Kogok Corporation should be Proud of. Merit Shops do not Strike, Picket and Disturb. We get the work done.

Kogok Corporation chooses to stay a Merit Shop. We want to work with individuals and not go through another organization and bureaucracy when dealing with projects and issues. We already have our Government attaching new rules, regulations and taxes on us all. Labor Dues do not need to be added on.


Thank you for taking the time to read this message,
Jeff Kogok, CEO
Kogok Corporation