Safety Policy

Kogok Corporation’s goal is to eliminate work-related safety and health injuries to employees and to provide a safe work environment. Our safety program places emphasis on doing the job right at all levels on the job site and is backed up by leadership from management and our corporate safety record. To achieve this goal, we concentrate our efforts in the following areas:

  1. Provide employee training and education.
  2. Maintain an in-house safety director.
  3. Assess hazards in the workplace and on the job sites.
  4. Maintain safe operating equipment.
  5. Associate with safety and health organizations


  • Foremen – Primary responsibility is to lead by example, monitoring of programs and procedures.  Counsel crew.  Report to supervisor and the Safety Director. Site Superintendent – Supervisory responsibility to ensure compliance, investigate incidents and/or near misses.  Report to the management team.
  • Safety Director – Inspect for compliance, review incident investigations, investigate as necessary. Provide safety and environmental direction and guidance for Site Superintendents and Safety Staff and reports directly to the President of Kogok Corporation.
  • Project managers – Support the Safety Director with site inspection and maintain communication between the onsite foreman and the safety director about safety issues.