Our Company incorporates safety and environmental inspections as part of the daily and weekly site inspections conducted by the Safety Director, Site Foreman, superintendents, and corporate project management. Additionally, excluding the onsite foreman these same individuals visit the sites to conduct unscheduled operations, safety and environmental inspections.

Accident Investigations

All incidents and near misses are investigated. The first level is crew and foreman. Work is temporarily stopped at a safe point and the investigation is normally conducted orally. If deemed worthy of further investigation, a company investigation/report is used for documentation and supervisors are notified. In turn, the Safety Director and the Project Managers are notified. If deemed worthy of further investigation, the Safety Director goes to the site and subsequent findings are reviewed and changes are made immediately to avoid any other safety mishaps.

Environmental Policy

Purpose: To protect the environment and conserve natural resources in the design, production and distribution of products and services.

It is the goal of Kogok Corporation to be recognized by our customers, employees, and community as a responsible business committed to continual improvement in environmental management and pollution prevention in all business activities.

To achieve this goal, Kogok Corporation will:

  • Comply with all applicable local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.
  • Promote the prevention of pollution, the reduction of waste and the minimization of resource consumption.
  • Educate all employees on their relevant roles and responsibilities for protecting the environment.
  • Communicat e this policy to our employees and make it available to the public.